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Weight Loss

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medicine Meets Real Life

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Your team at Energize Airdrie Nutrition is here to help you navigate all the nutrition advice out there and find what works for you. 
With all the nutrition advice out there it's no wonder weight loss is complicated. We help navigate the trends and create sustainable and life-long results. Each client is given individualized plans based on our proven recommendations and tracking devices. Our bio tracker analysis and application gives you tangible and immediate data on what works for your physiology. By combining coaching and medical care, we help you achieve your ideal weight and create healthy habits that translate into your life.

Fruits and Vegetables

Our 12-Week Program Features:

  • Sustainable and Lasting Weight Loss

  • Personalized Nutrition

  • Custom Bio-tracking and Interpretation

  • Stress Eating and Cravings Mastery

  • Freedom from Diet Guesswork

  • Balance Hormones

  • Increase Energy

  • Eat food you LOVE

Why does our 12-week program work?

12-weeks to a leaner and healthier you! Plans based on key principles and personalization, willpower is taken out of the equation and replaced with reason and evidence. We have gone against the grain of what has been making people sicker for generations now. The simplicity of our approach ensures that it is easy to follow and based on your lifestyle. We take out the guess work of what *MAY* work for you and give you personalized results based on your medical and physiological needs.

This program is for people who...

  • Want results tailor-fitted to their body's needs and requirements

  • Recognize yo-yo dieting is not sustainable

  • Want to regulate their hormones

  • Desire freedom from food cravings and starvation based diets

  • Want to be held to a high level of accountability to achieve success

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