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Hair Gene
Your Ultimate Hair and Scalp Care Solution


we offer a revolutionary approach to hair restoration and scalp care. Our cutting-edge technology combines Laser (LLLT), LED, and PEMF (Growth Factor Stimulator) therapies to address hair loss and promote healthy scalp conditions.


Our holistic approach to hair and scalp care involves the use of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and LED technologies, combined with the power of Growth Factor Stimulation. This combination works synergistically to stimulate hair follicles and enhance blood circulation. Say goodbye to hair loss and hello to a fuller, healthier head of hair.

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All-in-One Convenience Experience the future of hair and scalp care in the form of a comfortable, user-friendly helmet. Our all-in-one solution simplifies your hair restoration journey, making it convenient and hassle-free. With Hair Gene, you get everything you need for comprehensive hair and scalp care in a single package.


Our advanced technologies and customized treatments ensure that you get the best care possible. Say hello to confident, beautiful hair with Hair Gene - because you deserve the very best.

Experience Advanced PDT Treatment with Ampoule Solution + RGB LED


Discover the future of skin and scalp rejuvenation with our PDT treatment combined with the power of Ampoule Solution and RGB LED therapy. Our innovative approach harnesses the benefits of three distinct LED lights to address various skin and scalp concerns.


Revitalize and Regrow


Red LED (620nm): Our Red LED treatment, emitting at 620nm, stimulates hair regrowth and enhances hair elasticity through collagen production. Not only will you experience regrowth, but your skin will also regain its youthful elasticity.


Rejuvenate and Restore


Green LED (520nm): Green LED therapy, operating at 520nm, leads to decreased seborrheic inflammation, UV damage repair, and improved blood circulation. Ultimately rejuvenating and restoring your skin's natural beauty.


Sterilize and Soothe


Blue LED (465nm): Our Blue LED treatment at 465nm offers powerful sterilization and soothing effects, making it ideal for addressing rashes, sensitive skin, and oiliness. It effectively eliminates inflammatory bacteria, leaving your skin refreshed and balanced.


We are dedicated to bringing you the latest advancements in skin and scalp care. Our PDT treatment with Ampoule Solution and RGB LED therapy provides a comprehensive approach to achieving a healthy scalp.


PEMF Treatment


PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, is a cutting-edge technology designed to elevate your health and well-being.


Our PEMF treatment boasts a unique combination of 76.6Hz and 60Hz dual electromagnetic fields. This powerful synergy enhances your body's natural functions, promoting optimal blood circulation and lymphatic activation.


Experience the Growth Factor Stimulator that PEMF offers, igniting your body's innate ability to heal and regenerate. It's not just a treatment; it's a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.


Dual Laser Treatment


Welcome to the future of hair care with our Dual Laser treatment. We harness the potential of two distinct lasers to provide you with a comprehensive solution for hair restoration and scalp health.


IR Laser (780nm): Elevate Hair Density Our IR Laser, operating at 780nm, works wonders for increasing hair density. It not only facilitates blood circulation but also accelerates wound recovery and regeneration. With this laser, you're not just restoring hair; you're nurturing a healthier scalp.


Laser (LLLT) 635nm: Nutrient-Rich Hair Roots The 635nm Laser, also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), delivers essential nutrients directly to your hair roots. It's a safe, low-power laser that enhances capillary expansion, boosts oxygen levels in the blood, and promotes better circulation without any negative side effects.

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